Elite Cleanroom Services

What does Elite Cleanroom mean to you…

Michigan 50 Companies to Watch WinnerBy adhering to such strict requirements, we ensure optimum cleanliness of all items that are processed and packaged for reuse at your facility.

By implementing various clean room principles and practices, we have achieved approvals to provide clean room laundering for Coveralls, Robot Covers, and Tube Wipers to the Paint Shops at General Motors, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler.

At Elite Cleanroom Services we strive to continuously educate ourselves on the various soils that paint shops generate. Our comprehensive understanding of the items that we process, laundry technologies, and paint shop requirements are unparallel.

Environmental Discharge

Our facility utilizes city and state regulated settling pits for waste water discharge. Our facility is monitored on a regular basis for discharge to ensure complete city and state compliance. All solid waste generated from the cleaning process is properly handled and disposed of as regulated by the state. This has been a year-long project that we committed ourselves to that will enable us to maintain our leadership role in areas of environmental matters.

Elite Cleanroom is 100% compliant with governmental regulations with respect to air and water discharge.

Wastewater treatment system allows for proper removal of solids and organic matter from the effluent water. 

Michigan 50 Companies to Watch Winner